About Us

Started by myself, Maddi,  sitting on a beach on holiday. Maddi discovered she could use the pebbles to represent family units. After a week of practicing she decided to have a go at home with more locally sourced material.

Our pebble pictures are hand crafted to your requirements. All materials are naturally sourced with the smallest modifications to keep them as natural as possible to enable us to make the bespoke creations. Each picture is individually made with carefully matched pebbles, you never get two pictures the same. We can add pets and people to make your picture unique to your family.

 We have different designs, from a fishing man to wedding day or new baby, ideal for presents and gifts to mark any special occasion. Our pictures are loved by all, young and old. 

we also make hand crafted Resin Art pictures, we have lots of colourful, exciting designs which appeal to all age groups. You can choose from our bespoke family designs, lolly pops, camper vans, beach huts - the choice is endless. If you would like to see some examples you can look on our Facebook page- Pebble Pictures, our Instagram- pebbleresinpictures or give us an email on pebblepictures@mail.com